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What I really want is a bunch of questions for me to answer to make a summary post about the past year.

My version of Ask Me Anything!


While waiting (hoping!) for more questions, I'm making chocolate mousse! From scratch, my mother's usual recipe. :-)

First question, courtesy of siliconshaman, Best bits and worst:

Best was the mystical Jewish Renewal retreat in July, without my family, and volunteering as my Todah, thanks-offering for my life after last year's (2017) long feared open heart surgery for congenital heart defects, AND USA health insurance covered it. I studied, I worked, I prayed, and I found that YES, this (people/course of study) is right for me. I will do what it takes to become a rabbinical pastor via ordination studies with .

Worst, that's hard. Finding out that one of my teen's best friends needed inpatient mental health treatment? The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting? Knowing that refugee children have been killed by supposedly my own government? My country, to SET RIGHT.

Favorite new food, question by DD:

I'm working my way through a couple of Rick Bayless' cookbooks on Mexican food that isn't just the Americanized versions of Tex-Mex. I just made a masa steamed dumpling with kale and spinach instead of the Swiss chard in the book. I'm trying to find other starches to serve with my "easy chili" and also increase my vegetables intake.

I also made specifically Native American recipes for the month of November. Three Sisters dishes, fry bread, and I have the ingredients and recipe still for Cherokee grape dumplings.

I liked many of the kosher vegetarian dishes at UMass Amherst too at the Jewish retreat above, but I can't remember any specifically. OH, the beverage area had a flavored seltzer water fountain, and I filled my water bottle regularly with half seltzer and half juice for my first drink of the day, and straight seltzer water afterwards.

Hanukkah we had cream cheese and lox stuffed latkes. Yum!

Readera asks about any new habits in 2018:

Well, I had my open heart surgery in August 2017, so I was in cardiac physical therapy by December. I was by January 2018 already trying to regain what stamina I had before my congenital heart defects went acute, and the upper arm strength to walk an anxious reactive 60 pound Pibble mix. I have a Fitbit Alta HR so I have a visual heart rate monitor, and I have been trying to get both my 10k steps and to keep improving my cardio. I get slower, with allergies and sinus problems out to my EARS late fall through spring, so my numbers have fallen back again. Also, my Pibble hates rain, and cold as much as I do.

Other habit is trying to eat more vegetables, as above. I have some metabolic genetic problems, and adequate vitamins are checked regularly with blood work. Medical professionals would like me getting more of them via diet and not needed supplements right now.

I'm still having some persistent neurological problems after last year's surgery requiring the lung heart machine and brain reboot. I don't always have recall, without a question. I'm learning to use memory aids, and well, ask like this for prompts.

An Anonymous poster asks what kind of fish would I be, and would I be tasty?

I haven't a clue. I think I'm Dory from Finding Nemo right now, "just keep swimming!" I would rather be a dolphin I think than most fish. Dolphins look like they're having so much fun, playing in the wake of the ferry. Also, I think some of them are pretty good at both scolding people and saving the landers. ;-) No eating intelligent critters, though.

saint_felony asks: how would I feel about surprise stickers on my car?

It would definitely depend on the sticker content, location, and if I was at least told soon afterwards. I have several different college stickers for my varied education, Batman, and a geeky Star Wars family grouping with an Ewok and R2-D2 for the smalls. It would be rather distressing for me if it wasn't the person who applied said sticker telling me about it, I HATE missing details on my own things.
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