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I have a partial scene and character as response to this post:

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, [personal profile] siliconshaman: you each and together to use which parts you want. It was easier to post this here for me than to go through email stuff. So I don't expect this to be canon for PolyChrome Heroics, merely more source material.

My character: presents as female, wears a Bukharan kippah, saroul pants - loose at the top, fitted below the knees down, tzittzit fringes visible at side waist, front and back, and boots. Other character information within scene!

And I go!

DialecticDreamer content, shortened afterwards to DD: “No, I thought Many Tongues might want a little extra hospitality for the guests,” the newcomer mused.

My new content, LibraryGeek, LG: "That's very kind. My people's custom is at least bread and something to top it with, along with a bottle of wine or juice for children or those avoiding alcohol."

DD: “Rabbits,” he answered proudly, but his eyes glittered when he glanced at Saul. “It would be rude to turn down food the host offers to a guest,” he added, his shoulders tensing.

“Are they alive? Do you break their necks? Do they need to be skinned and cleaned and such?” Saul asked evenly. “I don't know how to do the skinning, but jointing out a rabbit is pretty much like a chicken, right?”

“No, I've already broken their necks, and I needed the fur for a project, since it needs to be done before the winter solstice. I just thought that Many Tongues can fit the meat into his freezer or feed strays with it.” The broad shoulders twitched to emphasize the insult. “Oh, wait, Jews can't eat rabbit, can they?”

LG: Tilts head at Warshirt trying to pick a fight, "Actually, we can eat anything, just like you, but we prefer to follow our laws about what we SHOULD eat. My name's Aviva, by the way, you can call me springtime or fox in your language if you just tell me what the word is you're using to address me."

DD: “The internet is freaking awesome, isn't it?” Saul answered in a tone of merry agreement, washing the mug he'd used for coffee and then reaching below the sink to retrieve the hand towel hidden there. “That's true for the Jews who keep kosher, but if I did, I wouldn't have been able to stop at most of the restaurants chosen on this trip, because they cook bacon on the same grill as other foods.”

“So, are you a Jew or not?” Warshirt goaded, almost growling.

LG: Aviva says, "I am a Jew, and I accept the hospitality that's being offered. We use the word kosher, to mean acceptable under our laws. So, you're bringing rabbit, and trying to create an argument with the Jews present here, by bringing something that isn't generally kosher. But, my thoughts run like this: Even trying to be rude, you would still have followed your own traditions on what is acceptable. So, you brought rabbits that haven't been forbidden by your own elders for hunting or trapping this season. Your hunting or trapping methods are NOT intended to torture the rabbits or cause excessive pain, AND you are using the fur."

Raising an eyebrow, looking at Warshirt, drily "So, you aren't going wasteful white guy on the animals. I'm commanded under our laws not to injure animals unnecessarily nor to waste any part not otherwise forbidden. This animal has back legs, I would like someone to teach me how to remove the back legs' tendons and ligaments as they are forbidden to us, under an ancestor's Dream."

DD: Saul cocked his head to the side. “You know, that's the exact question I've been trying to figure out since New Year's Day. I mean, I inherited a certain amount of Jewishness from the way my parents raised me, and going to temple regularly added to that, but am I still Jewish if I cut my hair?”

“Wait, what?” The younger man blinked at him, his dark eyes gleaming in the pools of light coming through the uncurtained windows.

LG: Aviva laughing merrily, "It's generally considered only trimming the edges of your beard, Saul, is forbidden by the strictest Jews. Not cutting your hair at all means more that you have taken up a Nasi's vows. Wait, Nasi means like dedicated or sworn, and they keep to additional restrictions other Jews DO not. Yes, Sampson the Strong was a Nasi, and by cutting his hair, his vow was broken. That's my best understanding right now, that might change with further studies."

DD: “Some Jewish people don't find it appropriate to cut their hair, ever. Others consider it a suggestion, not a commandment, so they tend to follow the wider culture. Teenagers tend to try both ways, regardless of how they're raised.” Saul snapped his fingers. “Like the Navajo code talkers who went through boot camp? Those guys had to be Marines, man, at least well enough to make acceptable couriers to the brass.” He grinned, openly admiring. “Freaking heroes, man, every one.”

“Ooh, you've seen a documentary. Big deal,” Warshirt sneered, his jaw tightening. The box shifted in his arms. “Where should I put this, please?” he asked Sounding Shell.

LG: "Yes, I saw a documentary or two. I also didn't go into an unguided bottom trawl through the Internet to find ways to insult guests. I'm a library technical assistant at the closest public library, and I started talking to Many Tongues so I could make sure our local community and Sankofu club had accurate information, from Native peoples. Tell ALL the stories!"

DD: “On the counter is okay if there's no blood,” she answered.

“You're saying there are dead, skinned rabbit bodies in there?” Saul confirmed. “Huh.” He scratched his chin. “Maybe Nimkii will want to watch the process, and Rafe is certainly old enough to learn it if he doesn't already know how.”

LG: Aviva, visibly swallowing, "Blood, hmm? The shochet, butcher, is morally equivalent to the carnivore. Yes, please teach me how to do this, but I have issues with chicken too. Both because of the extra steps required under Jewish law that I didn't have someone in the family to teach me, and I have needed too many medical procedures just to live until now. My... compensation so far has been to learn first aid up to first responder levels and helping that way in emergencies. My reactions were worse, with my fourth pregnancy, the only one that delivered a live child."

DD: “What about your boy?” Warshirt pressed. “Is he too good to learn where his food comes from?”

“He's four.” Saul stepped closer, aware of the children in the nearer bathroom, and the sound of running water, which could cut off at any moment. He lowered his voice, making it as honest and earnest as he dared. “Look, man, Shaun's got family missing. Reminding him that living things become dead things is something I would very much love to avoid right now. Can you help me do that?”

Sounding Shell looked up from where she stood beside the stove and its pot of simmering water, just beginning to grumble. “We'll discuss that before you leave,” she declared, then went back to stripping the kernels from the ears of corn.

Warshirt's flat expression turned even colder. “Who? Your boyfriend?”

LG: Aviva, getting angry, "Does that matter? Saul said it's the boy's family, family matters, and you aren't attacking a preschool age child!"

More later, if no one forbids me!
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