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I have a partial scene and character as response to this post:

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, [personal profile] siliconshaman: you each and together to use which parts you want. It was easier to post this here for me than to go through email stuff. So I don't expect this to be canon for PolyChrome Heroics, merely more source material.

My character: presents as female, wears a Bukharan kippah, saroul pants - loose at the top, fitted below the knees down, tzittzit fringes visible at side waist, front and back, and boots. Other character information within scene!

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I have been fascinated by the concept of a holy fool for a while. In the Pesach Seder, we have a part with four children: the wise one, the wicked or rebellious one, the simple child, and "the one who doesn't even know how to ask". Each child is supposedly given an answer to suit them, but the answers to the wise and simple are the ones that grabbed my attention.

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In the introduction to Perek Shirah, the idea is expressed to use the natural world as something to learn from and as a living Torah. The Fox is given a very complex statement from Jeremiah as both prophets’ rebuke and a lament by the fox.

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I have a Power Point Presentation in PDF if you send me a message.