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Had my trans esophageal echo done last Friday.

Had catheterization plus (Latin for fancy camera work on valves) today.

Have NOW medically acceptable documentation for heart condition performing worse under even chemically induced exertion.

Hopefully NOW I can get my expected surgery for this damn sub aortic stenosis, membrane type.

Aggravating factors: I specifically said that I was both pain sensitive AND wanted to know any restrictions while healing. They didn't mention until AFTERWARDS the 24 hour splint on my right wrist to prevent dislodging the clot from the catheter insertion.

Also, a first: I was bloody awake THE WHOLE TIME. Usually, sedation means I don't remember any of it. Gah, I expect nightmares about the catheter feel up my arm.

GOOD PART: Had a Lebanese doctor who happily chatted with me in French and Arabic, knowing I am Jewish, to the bemusement of the rest of the cath lab team.
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Ysabet Wordsmith is posting here for the Poetry Fishbowl today.

Hey, it's that time again! If you have ideas the WordSmith wants to make them into poems. Want to help? Prompt about feelings, emotions, words, emotional intelligence, therapists, having problems with understanding feelings, you get the idea... :-)

My prompt: I have waited for this one... :-D Cymru am byth!
Date: 2016-07-05 07:25 pm (UTC)

Hiraeth - In a form the Cymry would recognize, please, but still in English, at least mostly:, or Yes, this was my first self taught language to any extant. Any skill with cynghanedd? :-D

I am Jewish, with ancestry of English Jews from Queen Elizabeth's time, German, and the Pale of Settlement so hurt by the Shoah, but if I need to do historical reenactment, it's Wales I turn to and feel as my home. :-)

Something for that Japanese one of the bubbly feeling of the moment of falling in love, suitable for a gifted 11 year old otaku, set in Polychrome Heroics.

Set Gezelligheid against all those rude implications of the Dutch in America, Dutch treat, Dutch uncle, and how Gezelligheid still defines Dutch descended Americans so many centuries after New Amsterdam became New York City. Yup, my husband. :-)