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DD is having their Magpie Monday here today, go prompt for an unexpected gift!

I posted this:

My heart problem is congenital and genetic, subaortic stenosis tends to run in families. I thought it being overcautious to need clearance from my cardiologist before getting pregnant, but followed my GYN/OB's request. I'm glad I did.

Can Dr. Elizabeth Finn surgically repair the next generation baby, when she had done the surgery on the mother as one of her first surgeries? I found it a comfort that my doctor spoke with his Japanese accented English, and accepted my profuse gratitude in Japanese after seeing my removed bits with only a smile.

"Arigato Gozaimashti, Toyado-sama!" I accidentally called him a minor deity, but I was profusely grateful for my life restored, after having over 4 cms of a fibrous membrane removed from attachment points at my aortic and mitral valves.

And got a wonderful story for a very unexpected gift!

And here was my story present:
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Ok, I was mixed up, tomorrow is an office consult with the surgeon, NOT the surgery. I'm just tired of more office visits, when the last 2 have both said this surgery is what I need, now. I'm not always understanding what's being said to me right now. Husband will take me into the next appointment at Temple. I will update when I know more, again!

I hate waiting.
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I'm getting my cardiac surgery, Thursday, August 3, 1PM, at Temple University Hospital with THE local specialist in this type of surgery, Dr. Toyoda. I'm impressed.

If you're local, and actually want to visit, or want to send stuff to read or otherwise keep me busy, please message me here. I'm expected to be 4-6 days in the hospital, then 2-6 weeks recovery.

I'm discouraging my husband from much more than waiting during the surgery, in case they need to consult with my medical next of kin and power of attorney. We have a 12 year old child, and a needy rescue Pibble dog who will probably be panicking that I'm not home. Having the Big Guy with her is probably the only way she will go for walks and not anxious reactive attack all our neighbors. :-/ Won't listen to the "puppy", child she's also protecting that well.


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