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Dialectic dreamer is hosting the Feathering the Nest today! Leave a prompt, get a story! If you're a friend of mine, say that LibraryGeek sent you. I asked for and got a preparing for Hanukkah story. :-D
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It's Fishbowl today!

Here's my prompts:

brother, the one with the stag form?

More on the wolf pack dynamics, and can they remain friends with the one who wants werecat form?

Victor and the priest. That's family and clergy together.

The ship who's been adopted by the young human, and that human?
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Hiya! Go give a friend a prompt on the limits of villainy here:

This was my prompt:

The Midas baby, and his Guardian from Dr. Infanta. His Guardian is definitely a super villain with limits. How are they doing in the Islands? If they aren't yours, feel free to run with some of your characters meeting them, if you wish.

Sleepy from thyroid flare. Hey, super villain does minimal damage for goal just because she's too sleepy to do more.

Hopefully vague enough!
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Ysabet Wordsmith is posting here for the Poetry Fishbowl today.

Hey, it's that time again! If you have ideas the WordSmith wants to make them into poems. Want to help? Prompt about feelings, emotions, words, emotional intelligence, therapists, having problems with understanding feelings, you get the idea... :-)

My prompt: I have waited for this one... :-D Cymru am byth!
Date: 2016-07-05 07:25 pm (UTC)

Hiraeth - In a form the Cymry would recognize, please, but still in English, at least mostly:, or Yes, this was my first self taught language to any extant. Any skill with cynghanedd? :-D

I am Jewish, with ancestry of English Jews from Queen Elizabeth's time, German, and the Pale of Settlement so hurt by the Shoah, but if I need to do historical reenactment, it's Wales I turn to and feel as my home. :-)

Something for that Japanese one of the bubbly feeling of the moment of falling in love, suitable for a gifted 11 year old otaku, set in Polychrome Heroics.

Set Gezelligheid against all those rude implications of the Dutch in America, Dutch treat, Dutch uncle, and how Gezelligheid still defines Dutch descended Americans so many centuries after New Amsterdam became New York City. Yup, my husband. :-)
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My backchannel prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "A Room with a Garden View." Astin visits Supply Base Bounty 3D3N and finds far more than expected.

Something with love polygons and proving yourself.

From this ysabetwordsmith got "The Three Hands of Fate," today's second freebie. Have a three-way adventure/romance. Oh, and there's a book rec at the end for a novel about the same type of relationship.

Thanks, ysabetwordsmith!