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Yes, Ysabetwordsmith is having a sale here

I want the final 2 poems involving Projective Altruism and trying to boost to get MORE of Cleaning Achnai's Oven posted for everyone.

Now I need to ask if the quarter price goes in effect again for spending over $100. :-D
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I have a partial scene and character as response to this post:

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, [personal profile] siliconshaman: you each and together to use which parts you want. It was easier to post this here for me than to go through email stuff. So I don't expect this to be canon for PolyChrome Heroics, merely more source material.

My character: presents as female, wears a Bukharan kippah, saroul pants - loose at the top, fitted below the knees down, tzittzit fringes visible at side waist, front and back, and boots. Other character information within scene!

And I go! Read more... ) More later, if no one forbids me!
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Yes, another fishbowl, hooray!

My prompts:

Libraries and their staff - I was hoping either the Winged Graces world or more about the Order of Hypatia in Terramagne. Something cheering, for when having a neurodiverse staff WORKS!

Hey, does the Lacuna have a librarian yet? :-D A good librarian can figure out the right questions to ASK, which helps with all the personal databases available in the Lacuna. Maybe the librarian compiles the database of skillsets?

New books for Victor and Igor!

Another for Fortressa beating up someone emotionally, WITHOUT having to do so physically, when the male has INSISTED on offending. (Hey, lesser amounts of bystander violence for the win! The Swedish guys who stopped that jerk of a rapist sounded like they took TONS of emotional damage AND had no recourse for justice there. One was in tears while reporting to the officers. :-( )

Get the local police officer with telepathic bond to his K-9 officer working in the community, Derreck and Blitz, helping with discrimination or this from Capriuni: Pokemon Go is getting articles about officers using it to connect to kids in the community, AND autistic kids are socializing because so many are sharing their focii right now.
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This article appeared in the New Orleans Clarion-Picayune, the evening edition after the poem by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith entitled, “Berettaflies” found here,

Letter to the Editor and Public Announcement:

The Monroe Library at Loyola University will host a round table discussion on the appropriate taxonomic classification of the insects called "Berettaflies" by their creator. Announcements and flyers are being posted in the usual media and public spaces, and here for the initial discussion of the newly identified organism's possible identification. This discussion is open to all students, faculty, and the general public.

Cautions for those with concerns:

1) The students who are in the hospital have the option of joining by vidchat. Screens will be set up if they choose to send images. These may be graphic shots of injuries.

2) The soup first responder is being invited to attend, either by vidchat or in person, and does not have a fully humanoid appearance. Offensive nicknames or descriptions will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the discussion. If this is a hardship for you, please avail yourself of the live audio feed alone which will be a separate link.

3) The creator of these "Berettaflies" is invited as thon may have important information towards how to properly identify these creatures and their relevant characteristics. Cooperation and full disclosure is being considered by the authorities in all discussions of official charges pertaining to the release of the Berettaflies.

4) The group known as The Spectrum is NOT invited as members have shown no relevant knowledge of the creatures or of the consequences of their actions.


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