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Today's Poetry Fishbowl, here:

My prompt:

Sigh. What do you do with relatives who just can't hear you? Make family who does, of course!

Cousins on my husband's side are generally good people, but really aren't hearing any concerns for my underage AAA Jewish teen, SlytherClaw Teen, under this administration.

Show ONE way of Underground Railroad, run, or FIGHT, for the horrible choices that might be ahead. Give me more on Leor in An Army of One, or Antimatter in Polychrome Heroics, or Adam and his playmates in Frankenstein's Family, or SOMEONE SEEMINGLY LOVED as long as they STOP saying that they are different. </3 My heart is breaking over my teen trying not to care. I have told them the stories of our relatives on the refugee ships who died being sent BACK to Germany, after being refused entry to the United States of America. I never mentioned our lesbian Jew cousin in the Nazi breeding houses, dying in childbirth. Nice people will still watch as we are taken away, as long as nobody has an abortion or takes away their guns. I'm watching the Wonder Woman movie tonight. Technoshaman has the voting in 2018 meme that I'm referencing with my icon today.
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It's Fishbowl today!

Here's my prompts:

brother, the one with the stag form?

More on the wolf pack dynamics, and can they remain friends with the one who wants werecat form?

Victor and the priest. That's family and clergy together.

The ship who's been adopted by the young human, and that human?
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Ysabet Wordsmith is posting here for the Poetry Fishbowl today.

Hey, it's that time again! If you have ideas the WordSmith wants to make them into poems. Want to help? Prompt about feelings, emotions, words, emotional intelligence, therapists, having problems with understanding feelings, you get the idea... :-)

My prompt: I have waited for this one... :-D Cymru am byth!
Date: 2016-07-05 07:25 pm (UTC)

Hiraeth - In a form the Cymry would recognize, please, but still in English, at least mostly:, or Yes, this was my first self taught language to any extant. Any skill with cynghanedd? :-D

I am Jewish, with ancestry of English Jews from Queen Elizabeth's time, German, and the Pale of Settlement so hurt by the Shoah, but if I need to do historical reenactment, it's Wales I turn to and feel as my home. :-)

Something for that Japanese one of the bubbly feeling of the moment of falling in love, suitable for a gifted 11 year old otaku, set in Polychrome Heroics.

Set Gezelligheid against all those rude implications of the Dutch in America, Dutch treat, Dutch uncle, and how Gezelligheid still defines Dutch descended Americans so many centuries after New Amsterdam became New York City. Yup, my husband. :-)


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