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Anything anyone can get me about the Rappahannock Native Americans: death, grieving, and mourning customs would be greatly appreciated. I offered to speak at whatever memorial service is done, as interfaith rabbinic pastor ordination student and friend of the family.

My friend's mom died while having the cardiac surgery I expected for myself since I was ten years old. No, I'm not good right now, but I don't want to upset anyone's ancestors either, so I'm asking for help and hopefully respectfully. I might contact the public phone number for the Rappahannock Nation, but to do that, about probably a very well known cousin (My friend's grandfather was either Chief or an Elder for the Rappahannock, his children should have known names, even if not enrolled) has shades of Germans sending condolences to me about my cousins dead in the Holocaust.

I understand circles of grief. Comfort in, reaching is outwards. I know people here, who know other Native Nations at least.

FB death notice by my friend phrased as: At 1:19 today, P K joined the ancestors. May she be remembered always.
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I have a partial scene and character as response to this post:

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, [personal profile] siliconshaman: you each and together to use which parts you want. It was easier to post this here for me than to go through email stuff. So I don't expect this to be canon for PolyChrome Heroics, merely more source material.

My character: presents as female, wears a Bukharan kippah, saroul pants - loose at the top, fitted below the knees down, tzittzit fringes visible at side waist, front and back, and boots. Other character information within scene!

And I go! Read more... ) More later, if no one forbids me!


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