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Today's Poetry Fishbowl, here:

My prompt:

Sigh. What do you do with relatives who just can't hear you? Make family who does, of course!

Cousins on my husband's side are generally good people, but really aren't hearing any concerns for my underage AAA Jewish teen, SlytherClaw Teen, under this administration.

Show ONE way of Underground Railroad, run, or FIGHT, for the horrible choices that might be ahead. Give me more on Leor in An Army of One, or Antimatter in Polychrome Heroics, or Adam and his playmates in Frankenstein's Family, or SOMEONE SEEMINGLY LOVED as long as they STOP saying that they are different. </3 My heart is breaking over my teen trying not to care. I have told them the stories of our relatives on the refugee ships who died being sent BACK to Germany, after being refused entry to the United States of America. I never mentioned our lesbian Jew cousin in the Nazi breeding houses, dying in childbirth. Nice people will still watch as we are taken away, as long as nobody has an abortion or takes away their guns. I'm watching the Wonder Woman movie tonight. Technoshaman has the voting in 2018 meme that I'm referencing with my icon today.

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8/11/18 19:36 (UTC)
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which voting meme?

Encourage the Teen to care, and to get pissed off, and then give them all the support you can muster (and if I can provide more, please send up a flare)... there's nothing that says they can't start throwing wooden shoes in the works *now*...

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12/11/18 22:04 (UTC)
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Bumper sticker I saw lately (online): "ANY COMPETENT ADULT 2020"


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