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I'm healing fantastically well from the cardiac surgery on August 11. I'm OFF the serious pain meds and can get myself in and out of bed. Walking, walking, walking is my expected exercise, with the caveat about resting when I am tired. I have a few other easy exercises for vestibular balance work. NEXT lovely milestone will be getting off the diuretic. :-D Sternum restrictions are still pretty serious for months though.

The home health nurse carefully asked how I felt about the temporarily being dead part of surgery, with an anecdote about her uncle, and I cheerfully replied that I sat down with the Archangel Uriel, had tea, then told to go back and finish my work. She was wearing a visible cross, and couldn't argue with the trial of faith implications, even for me a Jew. :-p I'm not upset. It was necessary, so it was done. Selah.

The birthday eclipse was great to see even in a range of partiality with a quick homemade pinhole setup.

I'm home, with my dog, child, and husband, all with different nursing skills and can EAT the food I know is safe for me. Hurrah for current amazing medical treatment! :-D


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