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Yes, I'm taking one. As a further incentive to finish the coursework, I'm going to post each week's work here. You have been warned!

I Am a Writer

I find it hard to think of myself as a writer. I am an intelligent and hardworking student, but I have always had difficulties with writing, both the execution in handwriting and organization of my thoughts into a concise and understandable narrative. In elementary school, I had poor handwriting grades and difficulties with completing book reports. In freshman year of high school, I was diagnosed with dysgraphia, and permitted the use of a computer for many assignments. I still panicked about submitting my senior English paper on Tolkien and class issues shown in his writing, even though I wrote it on the computer and had my mother check it. I have had many distance learning and online college classes, but the effort of writing and organizing my thoughts is still a major issue for me. I had taken CLEP tests for most of my freshman requirements, but the university I am working on my Bachelor of Science in Information and Library Science does not accept the specific English and science tests I took. Now I’m trying to relearn my academic writing and discipline skills to take an acceptable test and pass. I have taken and passed with As my higher level English classes needed for my degree, but that was several years ago, before my chronic illnesses had some flares.

Since stopping working on my BS degree, my work writing had consisted of writing up presentations for the library board towards a social media presence and notes to be given towards those who have asked for my reference help at the library.

My child also switched to a public cyber charter school because of the financial and policy issues of our local school board and administration. As a parent and the home facilitator, I have had to fill out the applications for both the school, and the switch to the gifted program, notes to teachers, and reviewing and repeating the requirements on all papers and essays.

Answer: I admire your honesty and share your problems with thinking critically and creatively.  I am using this class to also leave my comfort zone and restart my academic skills. 

I am delighted that you won that essay contest and could find out how the USA differs from the TV and movie displays. I have worked at a public library in a diverse community which also has a HBC holding some classes within city limits. Homesickness is our word for that lonely feeling away from family, friends, and even your own country. I have some of it here, because I live in a different state now than the one where I was born, my parents and grandparents were raised, and the smell and sound of the ocean is too far way.

I loved traveling in Great Britain where I also enjoyed the ease of public transportation to get to all the sites I wanted to visit as a tourist, without having to rent a car.

What do I do to get ready to write?

I have some different quirks and rituals to get ready to write. To get ready to write, at the moment I go and check my child’s language arts classes for writing essay strategies that I can use. I know of my writing related learning differences and can utilize any that make sense to me. I mentioned CSQT as one strategy on a forum response to the “I am a writer” prompt. Now, I am using RAPS. First, restate the question. Second, answer the question. Third, prove your answer. Last, sum up your answer and its proof.

Also, being ready to write means for me to have another very different class or topic open at the same time as my incentive to work through my nervousness and hesitation about my writing abilities. This class time, I am also taking Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering, and I am alternating my video lectures for each class.

To sum up, I first find an appropriate writing strategy for a given assignment from my child’s lessons, because I need to have a plan to work on a pre-draft. Then, I already open my selected reward for working on a topic that makes me nervous. Then, I am ready to write!


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